Becoming a Member

Who can Join?

Membership of the Credit Union is open to all employees of the Woolworths (Aust) Limited group of companies and their family members.

Why Join?

Unlike other financial institutions such as banks, all members of the Credit Union are equal part owners, each investing in one $1 share when they join. Credit Unions don’t operate for personal or company gain. Instead, profits are channelled back to our members by improving the products and services we offer.

How do I Join?

To join, you simply need to either apply online in less than 5 minutes or apply using our membership PDF form, invest in one $1 share (which if you prefer may be debited from your first salary deduction) and you’re on your way. This $1 share is fully refundable should you decide at any stage that you no longer wish to use the services of the Credit Union.

Our online application process is quick, secure and straight-forward. Apply online and verify your identity in minutes. No need to visit a branch.

In order to verify your identity you will need to have documentation handy. We recommend your current passport or drivers licence and Medicare card. It’s all explained in our application process and you can save the form at anytime if you don’t have the details handy.


If you have any questions, please contact us