Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy


Woolworths Team Bank is committed to implementing and maintaining an effective Corporate Social Responsibility program that integrates our social and environmental responsibilities into our daily operations. We fully accept our responsibility to fulfil our wider corporate social responsibilities and see it as fundamental to our long-term sustainability and growth. We recognise that this is a dynamically evolving process.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is when a company achieves sustainable development not only in the economic dimension, but also in the social and environmental dimensions.

Our Approach to CSR

We recognise that success cannot be measured just in terms of profits and growth, but how we relate to the Woolworths Group community and the ways in which we minimise our environmental impact. We believe that integrating our financial performance with non-financial criteria will enhance value for our Members and all stakeholders.

WECU will:

  • Concentrate its sponsorship and initiatives in the Woolworths group of companies, due to our unique role within it
  • Be respectful of the environment and actively manage its environmental impact
  • Aim to increase awareness of environmental issues and provide assistance for Members to act sustainable
  • Aim to promote the financial well-being and literacy of Members

CUFA – 2012 Support Initiative

As part of our CSR program, Woolworths Team Bank recognises the importance of being socially aware and helping out our poorer neighbours, that is why we proudly support CUFA and their work. Woolworths Team Bank invites our members to become a Community Investor and help a Villager in Cambodia or Timor Leste. For more information please visit

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