Woolworths Team Bank is turning 50 years young in 2021! We’re sounding the trumpets, rolling out the red carpet, and telling everyone about who we are and what we care about.

So, who are we?

We’re the bank for team members who work (or had retired after working) for the Woolworths Group of companies. Our entire history is built upon helping our members live life on their terms through a wide variety of unique banking solutions.

In short, we’ve helped our members buy their first homes, forked out for the kids’ birthday presents, paid the pub tab at Christmas parties, and so much more.

Why bank with us?

  • 50 years of service to members. Through the years, our main objective was to deliver exceptional standards of banking that all our customers have come to know and expect.
  • Award-winning banking staff. You are just one phone call, one email, or one visit away from an all-purpose solution for your banking needs, aided by our expert team.
  • Highly personalised customer service. We take the time to get to know you, we learn about your situation, and we’ll tell you if something is suitable for your household.
  • Exclusive to employees & their families. Since our bank only caters to team members of the Woolworths group of companies, we truly understand their wants and needs.

Best of all, when you become a member, you’re a member for life. You’ll always have access to our entire suite of products – even if you no longer work for the group.

We share our favourite stories about members

“A member had an inheritance coming from overseas and I was able to negotiate a much better rate than initially quoted. She was so overwhelmed because those extra dollars were so unexpected. Taking a few extra minutes can make all the difference in people’s lives.”

– Diane

“I once had a customer getting a home loan from us. The family had six kids, all relatively young, so it was impossible for the husband and wife to get into our office. So, I made an appointment early one morning and did the sign up in their lounge room. I was the entertainment, with all the kids keen to come and look at who had come to visit!”

– Brendan

“The best interactions are where you are able to save members thousands of dollars on their home loans compared to their previous lender. Their excitement, joy and surprise makes my day.”

– Stephen

Our history

Woolworths Team Bank began in 1971 as the Safeway Employees Credit Co-operative. It was started by employees of these supermarkets who began this Co-operative for the mutual benefit of themselves and their families.

Safeway was an American-owned supermarket chain that had operated in Australia since 1963. Eventually, however, this chain was acquired by Woolworths. As such, we changed our name in 1985, and again in 2006.

Finally, in August 2020, we changed our name to Woolworths Team Bank to best reflect the range of products and services we make available to our members.

In April 2021, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary of supporting Woolworths Group Team Members and their families.

Become a member

Our members have been instrumental in enabling us to reach great heights and to work towards our goals. And now, as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we want to move ahead.

We strive to deliver fantastic value products and services to all of the Woolworths family, to help everyone achieve financial security and well-being. Our product range will always be competitively priced and fit for purpose.

So, no matter what kind of product you require, we’ll do our best to help you live life on your terms.