Woolworths Team Bank has joined the Bank@Post network, thereby providing even more remote access to members across Australia.

Bank@Post™ is Australia Post’s agency banking service for personal accounts, with facilities at over 3,200 Australia Post outlets around the nation displaying the Bank@Post sign.

What are the key features of Bank@Post?

With Bank@Post you can:

  • Deposit cash and/or cheques
  • Make withdrawals
  • Make payments on your loan (talk to us in advance to arrange this service)

Why do we offer the benefits of Bank@Post?

With Bank@Post locations right across Australia, it’s now much more convenient to make deposits to your WTB account. Instead of using the mail with the associated risks, you can now go to any Bank@Post outlet.

Want to use Bank@Post?

You must have your Visa Card or Redicard linked to the account on which you wish to transact. Just present your card and tell the Australia Post staff that you would like to make a Bank@Post transaction. Then you need to swipe your card and enter your PIN to begin.


If you have any questions, please contact us