Mobile Banking FAQ's

Do I need to register to access the Mobile Banking service?

No additional registration is required. If you have an iPhone, iPad Touch, Safari and are already registered for Online Banking you can immediately access our new Mobile Banking service.

Will I be charged a fee for using Mobile Banking?

No. There are no additional WECU fees or charges for using the Mobile Banking service. Please be aware that charges may be applicable from your service provider. To confirm these details contact your mobile service provider to enquire about your current data plan.

Can I access Mobile Banking when I’m overseas?

Yes, however data roaming charges may apply. To find out more, please contact your mobile service provider.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes. Mobile Banking has the same security and authentication procedures as regular Online Banking. No data is stored on your phone and you can easily disable access via Online Banking if you lose your phone. Your Mobile Banking session will also time out after a 10 minute period of inactivity.

How can I maintain the security of my Mobile Banking details?

If you are an iPhone user, we recommend that you do not install any items on your iPhone that are not approved by apple, or remove restrictions on your iPhone imposed by Apple. This will help to maintain the high level of security of your handset and its contents. Installing items not approved by apple will leave your phone vulnerable to being targeted by malware.

We stress however that using your iPhone for Mobile Banking or any other service will always remain secure provided you follow this advice.

If you have installed software on your iPhone that has not bee approved by Apple, you can use iTunes to restore the device to Apple’s factory firmware. Changing passwords alone will not protect you from any malware.