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Buckle up for the hazards of life’s highway!

Would you take your family on a holiday trip in a car without seatbelts – or let your family travel without ‘buckling up’? Our financial planning partner, Bridges, can help you protect your family against the hazards along life’s highway.

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Financial Advice

Lyle helps Clare plan for a happy retirement

“I first came to meet Lyle when I was looking at the possibility of giving up work which I loved but …”
See how Bridges Financial Planner Lyle Greig helps Clare plan for a happy and rewarding retirement.

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How much super is enough?

With the cost of living going up each year and with life expectancy increasing, how much super is enough to live a comfortable retirement? Our financial planning partner, Bridges, explains the considerations in the video.

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Are you ready for retirement 7 questions

These seven questions, from Bridges, our financial planning partner, will get you thinking along the right track.

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Five golden rules of investment

You don’t need luck or a hot tip to have a successful investment plan. Just follow some simple, time tested guidelines from Bridges, our financial planning partner, to achieve the best results.

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Are you eligible – Concession card changes

The Centrelink asset test rules changed on 1 January 2017. This could mean you lose the Age Pension and the Pensioner Concession Card. But Bridges, our financial planning partner, explains that it’s not all bad news.

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Financial Advice

How a financial planner can help

One of the biggest myths surrounding financial advice is that you need a lot of money. Our financial planning partner, Bridges, explains that it’s simply not the case.

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Can extreme budgeting work for you?

The emerging trend of extreme budgeting is being used by some as a way to achieve early retirement, but will it suit you? Bridges, our financial planning partner, explains what’s involved.

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The aim of financial planning is more than just managing your savings and investments. It’s about helping you plan for a future lifestyle that is as good as it can possibly be. You work hard so why not make sure your money is working as hard as you are.

Whether you are in your carefree 20s, consolidating 30s, comfortable 40s or cruising 50s, the advice of a professional financial planner can be critical in helping you achieve your financial goals by developing a strategy that will work for you.

How can financial advice help you?

Financial advice can make a big difference at every stage of life. A financial planner can help you with different investment strategies for different circumstances, such as:

  • Managing your investments tax-effectively
  • Saving for a home
  • Planning for the costs of marriage and the benefits of combined income and savings
  • Making your income go further by investing wisely
  • Structuring your assets effectively if you are self employed
  • Planning for a family and the loss of a regular salary whilst on maternity leave
  • Planning your finances following a redundancy or when changing jobs
  • Making the most of a maturing term deposit or a financial windfall, such as an inheritance
  • Maximising your eligibility for Centrelink benefits
  • Planning the retirement lifestyle you want


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