Vet Bill Fees You Could Get Cheaper With Insurance

We know vets love Fido as much as we do, but it’s important to remember that veterinary care is still a business, and a specialist one at that.

Whether you’re at the vet for a vaccination, sedation, or operation, the bill at the end can be more than your own medical expenses. Take a look below at the common reasons people visit vets and the approximate cost each time.

Approximate vet fees


  • Medication $20-80 (marked up approximately 100%)
  • Medication $20-80 (marked up approximately 100%)
  • Sterilization $200-500
  • Regular Checkups $50-100
  • Broken leg $3000
  • Removing cataracts $200

Competitive cover that won’t break the bank

Most pet insurance policies cover you for the majority of every day costs, including those in the above list. You can reduce your bills to approximately 20% of the quoted price, while your insurance covers the gap.

Choose from three levels when you opt for Woolworths pet insurance, and enjoy access to VetAssist with each cover option. Great for when you’re not sure if you should be concerned about the weeping from their eyes or if that bone will dislodge from the roof of Fido’s mouth on its own!

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