Putting a Price on Your Possessions

If you had to replace everything inside your home, would you know how much money you needed?

Whether it’s furniture, jewellery, or appliances, choosing the right value of your contents can make or break your ability to replace everything in the worst case scenario. And it all comes down to the accurate value you apply to your home and contents policy.

Should the worst happen and you have undervalued your assets, you may not have enough finances to replace all of your belongings.

How to value your contents accurately and keep good records


  • Go from room to room making a list of all your possessions
  • Estimate how much each item was sold for
  • Get valuations of jewellery and other high-value items
  • Photograph your key possessions with a date stamp
  • Add up the cost of all your items to get your estimated value

Don’t forget to include these items


  • Appliance motors
  • Collections (Stamps, Coins, etc.)
  • Musical instruments
  • Tools
  • Floor and window furnishings
  • Clothes and accessories

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