Pet Peeves – The Hidden Costs of Owning a Pet

No matter how careful we are, our little friends can get into trouble and it’s our responsibility to care for their health.

Besides pounding the pavement with daily walkies, having insurance is one of the best tools we can have up our sleeve to care for their health.

As your pet gets older, your vet bills may go up considerably. In some cases this can lead to prolonged medical care including regular medications or treatment.

How much does a pet cost?

The MoneySmart website estimates dogs will cost pet owners an average or $1,475 a year, and cats $1,029, including:

  • food
  • grooming
  • boarding
  • standard vet bills

This doesn’t include emergencies, surgeries, medications and ongoing medical care.

Avoid the pre-existing conditions clause by acting early

As your pet ages, it’s more likely to develop health issues that could be excluded in your policy and classified as pre-existing conditions.

Act early to ensure you get the most from your Woolworths pet insurance.  It could save you going barking mad when you get a vet bill one day!

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