Got $3000 to Cover the Cost of a Car Accident?

Read on for some eye-opening stats about cars and us!

When things go wrong (and unfortunately accidents happen), it can be stressful and expensive.

Accidents can incur repair costs that are financially crippling and we’d hate to see any of you,  our team members, up for the average $3,000 in damages.

We all know insurance saves the day; yet it’s reported that about 2.3 million people in Australia are without car insurance, meaning they have to find this from their back pocket.

It’s also not just accidents that create headaches. Even when you’re not in the car, you’re at risk of a costly and stressful time with one car stolen every 11 minutes across Australia.

But I don’t have the time to trawl through insurance policies!

We get it,  don’t worry! That’s why we partnered with Woolworths Car Insurance – to make searching for the right car and motorbike insurance easier and faster.

Woolworths makes it easy to get the right cover at the right price, tailoring your insurance needs into a cover that best suits you and your wallet.

Living life on your terms means enjoying your wheels; not letting them sit in the garage all year.

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