Drive Less, Pay Less

Part time driver? No problem!

We know you, our Woolworths Team Bank members, and your families use your vehicles in a variety of different ways.

From shift work to taking public transport and working part time hours around study and other commitments, Woolworths’ Drive Less Pay Less Insurance doesn’t assume you are on the roads all the time and sting you for the risks that prolonged driving brings.

If you use your car sporadically, simply share how many kilometers you expect to drive a year, and you could qualify to get complete protection with a lower premium with Woolworths’ Drive Less Pay Less comprehensive cover.

Do you tick any of these boxes?


  • Public Transport Commuters
  • School runs and to the shops
  • Driving less than 27kms a day

Don’t worry if you think you’ll reach the threshold sooner in a 12 month period. You can top up your policy at any time to stay covered.

Winner of Mozo Experts Choice for Exceptional Value Award 2020 and Canstar Most Satisfied Most Satisfied Customers Award – Car Insurer in Victoria 2020.

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