Are Your Insurance Priorities in the Right Place?

A good quality health insurance policy looks after you and your family and provides security for when times get a little tougher. The problem is, more than half the population aren’t protected by a health insurance policy, and may feel the financial shock of surgery, mental health support, or chronic back pain which are common demands on hospitals

How healthy is your bank account?

Research from a data insights company PureProfile found in 2017 that Aussies value car insurance more than health insurance! Well…we need to talk more about that.

Where 72% of Austalians have comprehensive car insurance, just 55% of Aussies possess private health insurance. When you consider the average cost of a car accident claim is $3,000 and almost 50% of health insurance claims exceed $10,000, it naturally poses the question of whether you could afford not to have private health insurance.

Celebrate your youth with private health insurance

If you’re under the age of 31, the best birthday present you can give yourself is the gift of health (and savings!).

When you sign up for private hospital cover before 1 July after turning 31, you will save yourself years of paying a higher premium. This is because the Australian Government has imposed 2% loading for every year you’re over 30 and uninsured for hospital cover – this is on top of your normal yearly premiums.

It is designed to help young people consider the benefits of protecting themselves, and not waiting until it’s too late.

If you have car insurance to save you a few grand in repairs, but not health insurance that could save you $10,000s and keep you moving freely and feeling better quicker, it’s worth asking if your priorities are in the right order. Talk to us today and feel better sooner.

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