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Woolworths Team Bank offers its members a better alternative to banks and other deposit taking institutions. With an understanding and knowledge of the lifestyle needs of the employees of the Woolworths group of companies, we provide quality financial products with competitive interest rates, minimal fees and a friendly, personalised service. Our range of services includes a selection of savings and investment accounts, loans for any worthwhile purpose, general and health insurance and financial planning.

What is a Credit Union?

Unlike other financial institutions such as banks, all members of the Credit Union are equal part owners, each investing in one $10 share when they join. Credit Unions don’t operate for personal or company gain. Instead, profits are channelled back to our members by improving the products and services we offer.

Security is always a question that should be considered where finances are concerned. As with all deposit taking institutions, Credit Unions are regulated under Commonwealth legislation and supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). Under APRA, deposits in all supervised institutions – whether it is the largest bank or the smallest credit union – are equally safe. So when you deal with your Credit Union, you can do so with the utmost of confidence.

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